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History of America's Pop Culture and Fan Conventions and Virtual Museum



From Worldcon to Online Cons

Chicon 1940 Worldcon

Cons Before and After Furries



San Diego Comic-Con 2022

Baltimore Comic Con 2022

Everfree Northwest 2022

Worldcon 2022

Midwest Furfest 2022

Further Confusion 2023

Anthro New England 2023

Emerald City Comic Con 2023

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Our Booth at Conventions

We have exhibited previews of our book and our virtual museum at many cons since Balticon 2013. Since then we have exhibited at many Worldcons, comic cons, anime cons, and furry cons. Along with our history project and related merch we also have partnered up with Con Artist Comics and Studio as well as Conventional Comics and Don't Staff a Con webcomic. We have also partnered up with other artist and vendors, and often partner up with a seasonal rotation of diverse artist who have worked or supported this project to show the diverse range of creative talent in the fan community - from webcomic creators to furry artists. 

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Our 2019 booths at San Diego Comic Con, Baltimore Comic Con, Midwest Furfest, and Otakon.

Greetings from DC!

Keep Track of All Our Projects

Pardon our dust! Welcome to our new website which will keep track of all the projects under the Convention History umbrella we been working for years on.

As you can see this is a rough work in process site we are trying to use to keep everyone one updated as we progress with our projects. 

This is where we will be posting updates and information, you can also follow us on Twitter@ConHistory for more frequent updates as well as email us at for more information as well as to contact us with any contributions, interview requests, and questions. We are still looking for folks from all fandoms who want to contribute their convention stories, photos, memborialla, and anything else you think would fit perfectly in our coverage of the history of America's convention scene. 

Charts and infographics

Our plan is to make available our charts and timelines as finished posters for download . As our final version of our ever evolving timeline  solidifies will will update it this site.

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Our Book and Research

Stay tuned for more information about our book and research. We been researching the history of America's fan and pop culture conventions for almost a decade now and been working on a book for just as long. We are also planning to partner with different events and fan groups towards working on an archive of con books and print material as well as a virtual museum showcasing the history of convention badges, merch, and other memorabilia. 

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Our Podcast and Videos

Hours of interviews with different convention staff and attendees as well as years of history panels we have presented at different events we are planning to release as podcasts and videos on your YouTube channel. Stay turned for these updates. If you are interested in being on our podcast send us an email​.


Card Game and other projects

From our card game we tested out back in 2014-2017 to our web comics to our pin designs we hope to move forward with some of these projects in the future alongside our book release.

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