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Started in 2013 by a genetics major at Johns Hopkins University and vending artist, the Con History Project was an attempt to be the first extensive coverage of Baltimore's convention heritage tracking down interviews with staff and news coverage from old guard Balticon to the massive Otakon to the newcomer BronyCon.



Since then the project has expanded to cover the entire history of America's convention tradition from the early history of scifi conferences and Worldcon to the evolution of different genre and industry cons from these early events to the massive comic cons of today. 

We have almost a decade of research and interviews from staff of countless science fiction, fantasy, comic, anime, furry, Trek, brony, and many other fandom events. We have attendeed over 100 events for our research and to promote our project as well as presented our research as panels and lectures at countless events including: Worldcon, Comic Con, Balticon, A-Kon, Otakon, AnthroCon, MAGFest, Midwest Furfest, BronyCon, Everfree Northwest, BABSCon, Texas Furry Fiesta, AwesomeCon, HarmonyCon, Anime USA, ECCC, RegenerationWHO, TrotCon, Anthro Northwest, Megaplex, and many more events.

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