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Furry Flags is the premier flag art studio in the fandom, having created many unique and custom flags for fans and furs to fly their pride. We are the main producer of flags for many conventions, events, parades, and companies. Outside the fandom we have designed and produced flags for theme parks, military units, military schools, museums, camps, parks, and historical reenactments for well over a decade.

If you are interested in your own custom flag for your event, business, or personal use please contact us at for custom orders, bulk orders, and custom flag design commissions.



  • May 29-30      BABSLab 2021                Online Event

  • July 1-4          AnthroCon                       Online Event 

  • July 18-19      Repticon 1000                 Orlando, FL

  • July 23-25      San Diego Comic Con    Online Event

  • Aug 6-8         Megaplex                      Orlando, FL

  • Aug 13-15     Everfree Northwest      Seattle, WA

  • Aug 20-22     Denfur                           Denver, CO

  • Aug 27-29     Furry Siesta                  Dallas, TX

  • Sept 3-5        Tails and Tornadoes      Tulsa, OK

  • Sept 10-12    Furry Migration             Minneapolis, MN

  • Oct 21-24      Biggest Little Furcon    Reno, NV

  • Nov 5-7         PAWcon                         San Jose, CA

  • Jan 6-9         Anime Los Angeles       Los Angeles, CA

Contact for custom orders, bulk orders, specialty flags, and custom commission flag designs.

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